Welcome to my website


You’re very welcome to my website. Here, you can find out my work in two complete different areas: the artistic one, namely, Animation (Story-boarding, concept, animation, background design) & Illustration (Painting). My other area of studying, on the other hand, is focused on the scientific study of human language, namely, Linguistics. I always try to be eager in both areas as I love them. Besides, you can check out my work by clicking on “Portfolio” and “Linguistics” sections. If you are crazy about Animation or Linguistics, you will find a place to have some fun! All the very best, Rafael Saint-Clair Braga.

“The Joy of Painting” DVD series by Bob Ross

“The Joy of Painting” DVD series by Bob Ross

I could spend hours and hours watching those videos. Besides, I believe anyone fascinated by paintings, who actually practice this art, would be so happy in owning the whole series. It is available on amazon. I’ll check with some friends of mine who are visiting English speaking countries to buy those for me. I read a short bio of Bob Ross. He died still young and very productive! So sad!

Laguna (full animation exercise, 2 by 2)

This is my first exercise on full animation. The technique applied is overlapping, in which the notion of volume and inbetween can be captured. In this course, distributed in three levels (basic, intermediate and advanced), the aim is in making up great animators. I hope to achieve the advanced level. From now on, the subsection “Pencil test” of my Portfolio will be full of pencil tests exercises.

My first oil painting (replicating Disney’s Alice background)

Alice's background (c) 1951, Disney

Alice’s background (c) 1951, Disney

This is an emulation of one of Disney’s 1951 “Alice in Wonderland”. As this is the first one, believe me there are some “imperfections”. So, it is not on sale. It took 4 months to make (August-December). Actually, the final touches were done today! So, the painting is ready in a very perfect day! December 21st, 2012. It was a step by step process. First: If you work on a big Canvas like this one, you usually divide in as many square areas as possible in order to facilitate the underlying rough drawing in which you start the first brushes. This first experience was wonderful for me because I could feel how the oil works! How the oil dissolves in order to achieve that colour you want! Furthermore, the capacity of recreation in Oil technique is quite something! While in Aquarela and Gauche, and mainly in Acrylics, you have to brush all in a hurry, working with Oil is quite different. The ink lasts days to dry! So, you can work on it on and on and on, improving texture and the spectrum and the degree of colours! I hope this very first painting can be the one of many works to come!